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Cable management 1U/2U
This cable management rack mount panel is a standard 19" 1U/2U plate that can be used as a cable organizer and provides a neat and clean appearance by for your cabling. The cable management panel is designed to fit a standard 19" wide rack and covers 1U or 2U of rack space.
Cable management 42U
This vertical cable manager is 42U in height, has a hinged front cover and is forward facing for easy access to cabling. It is used to organize cables on a relay rack which helps maintain proper airflow. Can be used only for 800mm rack wide or open frame racks.
Shunting rail 19"
This cable organizer is designed to fix cables in a server open frame rack or in a telecommunication cabinet, and organize cables in a cabinet. It can be installed at the front of the rack or at the back. The cable is fixed with nylon ties. The organizer has an anti-corrosion powder paint finish.
Brush Panel 19" 1U
This brush mounting panel is designed for use with 19" racking systems. It is the ideal accessory to help keep your cables under control. Uses only one rack space 1U and includes one wide brush slot to accommodate all types of cables. The specially designed brush slot helps to protect cables from dust and other contaminants. 

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