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11.04.2019 (413.05 Kb)


Planet KVM-810 8-Port KVM Switch 19"

Data Sheet

PLANET's KVM switches are designed to enable you to centrally control multiple computers by using just one keyboard, video display and mouse. The KVM switch solution frees users more table and rack space in addition to saving the cost of multiple keyboards, mice and monitors.

The PLANET 8-Port KVM Switch, KVM-810, supports up to 8 PCs by itself and is capable of cascade controls up to 64 computers from the CPU port. Just connect the cable and turn on the power, up to 64 sets of personal computers can be controlled by a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor without installing any additional interface card or software. The administrator can switch between computers by just pressing a button or the pre-defined hotkey on the keyboard. PLANET KVM switches are the perfect choice for home, office, server farm, or testing sites where there is a need to manage multiple computers efficiently and easily.

The KVM-810 utilizes advanced microprocessor emulation to intelligently manage each KVM port. This allows simultaneous boot-up of all the attached computers. Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock status can also be saved for each computer. The KVM-810 supports VGA, SVGA and MultiSync monitors at up to 1920 x 1440 resolutions.

The KVM-810 also fully supports various models of PS/2 and USB mice manufactured by Logitech, Microsoft and IBM as well as compatible PS/2 and USB mice of other brands. The KVM supports the PS/2 and USB Keyboard Port of the CODE SET1/2/3 and further allows you to use the KVM for all kinds of servers and PCs.


PLANET's KVM switch family is the most cost-effective and simple solution of controlling a group of PCs in the network. Multiple computers can be managed via only one single set of monitor, keyboard and mouse directly. No software drivers or system configuration are required, iMac, Power Mac and Sun systems can also be supported by using PLANET's innovative USB-PS2 adapter..Switching among computers is achieved simply by pushing a button on the KVM switch or a pre-defined hotkey on the keyboard or via the KVM-810's On Screen Display (OSD) function.

Standalone Operation


Star-cascade Operation


• Standalone machine controls up to 8 sets of PCs
• Cascade controls up to 64 computers from single console
• On Screen Display (OSD) supported – switch PCs by just using the hot key, clicking mouse
 or pushing button on the front panel
• Supports Monitor resolution of up to 1920X1440, bandwidth 60Hz
• Auto scan mode for monitoring PCs
• Supports PS/2 and USB compatible mouse / trackball
• Front panel status LEDs give a clear indication of the active PCs
• Complies with the height of the 1U chassis specification and installable with a hanging stand
 into a 19” chassis system
• Requires no additional software or hardware
• Supports hot plug; not necessary to turn off the original system regardless of a newly
 installed PC or KVM

Hardware Interface
PC Port 8
PC Port Connector
(All Female Type)
Keyboard:3-in-1 HDDB 15 pin Female
Mouse:3-in-1 HDDB 15 pin Female
Monitor:3-in-1 HDDB 15 pin Female
Console 1
Console Connection Keyboard:Mini DIN 6 pin Female
Mouse:Mini DIN 6 pin Female
Monitor:HDDB 15 pin Female
Keyboard USB (Female):USB (TYPE A)
Control Feature
Max. PC Connections 64(by cascade 8 KVM-810)
Port Selection Keys 8
PC Selection On Screen Display Menu / Hot Key / Button
Video Resolution Up to 1920X1440 60Hz
Hardware Specification & Environment
Dimension (W x D x H) 440 x 185 x 42 mm
Weight 2.75kg
Environmental Specification Operating temperature: 5 ~ 40 Degree C
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 60 Degree C
Relative humanity: 0 ~ 80% (non-condensing)
Power Requirement 12V DC, 1.5A
Certification FCC, CE

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